The Great Zoo Boo
Starting with the fall of 2004, Scarlett Rat is pleased to be providing production services for the Great Zoo Boo at Onondaga County's Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnett Park.  Zoo Boo is a long-time favorite of the community, and Jim Greene brings his performance event experience to make this year's show even better!  Zoo Boo is held Friday and Saturday evenings the two weekends prior to Halloween, and is family-oriented event.
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The Great Zoo Boo event brings together Zoo staff, community volunteers, and a group of paid performers to produce a venue for children and parents to dress up and parade in costume, see special entertainers, and interact with various characters.  Held on the grounds of the Zoo, it transforms the normal exhibits and spaces in to a spooky yet kid-friendly community.

For more information on the Great Zoo Boo, visit the Rosamond Gifford Zoo web site.

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